GYB FIRM devoted to assist you with your business needs and tax related obligations

Grow Your Business With Us

Tax and financial specialist are here to help you grow your business

Grow Your Business With Us

GYB Firm is devoted to assist you with your
business needs and tax related obligations

GYB Firm: A Business Serving Tax Services in USA since over 5 years

In 2016, Tayyab Rafique teamed up with his family and friends to provide tax services to the USA community. Their office was a small in Faisalabad, Pakistan.


Our Services for Growing Your Business

Company Registration

Company registration is very important as it establishes the business as a legal entity, protect your personal assets, and provide credibility. Every business that Incorporate in USA must register their company.

US Bank Account

Opening USA Bank Account is beneficial because you will be able to hold your funds in American currency and sell your products and services everywhere and make profit.

Resale Certificates

A resale certificate is a signed document that indicates that the purchaser intends to resell the goods.  It is usually provided by a retailer to a wholesale dealer.

Tax Exemption

Tax exemptions reduce or eliminate your obligation to pay tax.


Bookkeeping is the recording of financial transactions, operations, and other events of a business.

Filing Sales Tax Returns

A tax return is the form you filed with a tax authority that reports income, expenses, deductions, credits, and other pertinent tax information to the IRS.


What our clients say

Very good communication and always up to satisfy the customer.



Legal service from a sincere man who knows his kinds of stuff well!



Tayyab tried really hard to get the tax exemption for my eBay account.



Great work again from Him again! Will engage his service for my taxes return.



Good guy. Great and quality work. It is very risky to trust anybody with your business.


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Founder and CEO
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Chief Operating Officer (COO)